Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Damn I'm sexy!

So I go to the doctor's office yesterday for what I assumed would be a quickie meeting to find out some lab results. Naturally, I dressed for comfort.


I hadn't counted on the doctor checking my vitals including listening to my lungs.

When the doctor lifted my shirt in the back to hear my lungs wheeze she got a gander at the mint green granny panties that rose about six inches above the waist band of my low rise jeans.

Don't judge.
They're comfortable. And they're coming back in fashion.


  1. Ooooh mint green! Matching bra? How high could you pull the panties without getting a wedgie effect? I think they could be very handy if you're ever thrown out of a plane, they could substitute for a parachute. I think I saw this in a movie once, or maybe it was a dream...

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  2. LOL! My motto when seeing the doctor (or the esthetician for that matter) is this: They've always seen worse.

  3. GPR ladies! Granny Panty Revolution!

  4. But Smitten this might have been the "worse" LOL!!!!

  5. And once again, another argument for going commando.