Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Can you scoot down a little....a little more....more.....

Having to visit the gynecologist's office is no fun. My doctor tries to make it fun by decking out each exam room in their own classic television show theme.

Recently I've had to spend a lot of time at the gyno's office due to some malfunctioning lady bits and with each visit, the only thing I look forward to, is which room I'll be in.

Exam Room 1:

I had my initial exam in The Seinfeld Room.

After I assumed the position with my feet in the stirrups and the speculum was in place I looked at the wall opposite the exam table in an attempt to find my happy place and saw this:

A framed and autographed 8X10 glossy of The Soup Nazi staring at me.

Awkward and creepy is exactly what a woman needs to relax during a pelvic exam.

No soup for me!

Exam Room 2:

I had to meet the doctor the next day to review some ultrasound results in The Love Boat Room. The framed photo of Gopher was somehow comforting.

It must be the eyes.

Exam Room 3:

Today I met with the doctor to review some lab results and I couldn't believe my eyes when the nurse led me to the....................wait for it......................Candid Camera Room! WHAAAATT???

I can't make this shit up people. I took a picture:

If Allen Funt's pervy ghost was watching, he didn't get to see much cuz I got to keep my clothes on.

What do you think the next room I see will be? I'm hoping for Leave it to Beaver. (makes sense)


  1. Holy. Shit. I wish I was a gynecologist so I could pull this kind of thing.

  2. Seriously? At the gyno's office? Freaking hilarious.

    Leave it to Beaver, LMAO!

  3. ROFLMAO!!!! No more soup for you!
    I think he needs an All in the Family room. I want Archie Bunker staring at my hoo-ha.
    I hope all your results came back positive. (positive as in good...not positive as in you have a disease. I'll stop now. )

  4. I think a Too Close For Comfort room is called for at this point.

  5. I'd like to see a Facts of Life room, myself. Or Growing Pains. Hell, most sitcom titles would be hilarious...

    LMAO that there's a Candid Camera room! Your gyno's a bit of a nut.

  6. Suggestions for room TV themes:

    * Smallville
    * How I Met Your Mother
    * True Blood (ewww, sorry)
    * The Closer
    * Nip/Tuck
    * Extreme Makeover: Taint Edition

  7. No Sex for you! Six months!

    Best decorating idea ever!